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Who Has the Power to Stop Family Violence? We Do!

Leyla Welkin, Ph.D. in Cross-Cultural Psychology specializing in trauma treatment, in a recent blog describes training regarding family violence which she and two others presented in Canakkale, Turkey.  The training was for representatives from the police, lawyers, family court judges, social workers and a few NGO and local organizations. The focus was preventing family violence […]

iLEAP Fellows and Women’s Leadership Development

This special opportunity to meet with young social leaders from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Papua New guinea, El Salvador, India, Indonesia, Honduras, and the Philippines this week provided an up-close opportunity to learn from these front line workers. The purpose of our meeting was to explore together – actually for me to learn from them […]

October 18: Lily, Selcuk

Lily sells carpets.  Not only that she has her own carpet shop, right across the street from the Ephesus Museum in Selcuk.  I was introduced to Lily by Sue who lives on Vashon Island, a short ferry ride from my home in Seattle.  Sue, who is herself a weaver and who has lived in Turkey […]

October 16: Heather, Antalya

Heather was my very first connection to women in Turkey as I set out to find folks who might be interested in talking with me about the role of women in global leadership – and in particular, what it is like to be a woman at this time in history in Turkey.  I had googled […]

October 15: The Journeys Converge, Antalya

Introducing this Blog, September 15, 2011, “A Journey of a Thousand Miles,” I described two journeys – one was the actual trip through Turkey, on which I was about to embark, and from which most of the posts so far have been made – – and the other the metaphorical journey that women around the […]

October 14: Ayse, Konya

After our bus ride from Goreme to Konya (very flat, wheat fields, and potatoes) on Tuesday, about 3 and a half hours, we were eager to get out and walk a bit.  So, we set out to find Silvia’s shop – thinking I would meet with her the next day.  (See my earlier post to […]

October 14: Cigdem, Ankara

Cigdem is an archeologist ~ her focus is Neolithic culture.  She refers to this as “the Neolithic process,”  – – – — not “the Neolithic period.”  Several persons we’ve talked with have a sense of history as continual process.  A most significant reminder to me – and, I suspect, many of you as well ! […]

October 13: Silvia, Konya

Silvia is from Argentina.  She came to Turkey when she was 17 to study  – – –  and stayed.  She studied cartography, and then the design of Turkish rugs.   She married a man whose family has been in the carpet business for generations.  As her husband began to use wool for felting, as well as […]

October 12: Banu, Konya

This evening (10/12/11) Ragib, his wife, and their daughter, Sara, came to the hotel. What fun it was to “sorta” host them. On the third floor where our room was located, there was a small sitting room – fireplace, love seats, a TV, computer.  Our hotel manager graciously agreed that we could have tea served […]

October 12: Ragib, Konya

This is a different kind of post today (Wednesday, 10/12/11) – not a focus on a specific woman – – until a surprise at the end of the day! – – but rather an incredible day with Ragib. As our magical trip has progressed, we have been blessed by wonderful people, delightful “coincidences,” and synchronicities […]